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CSS understands the importance of the manufacturers' rebates, discounts or bonuses to the motor dealer. Follow-up calls and surveys help comply with these manufacturers' requirements and ensure that the CSI ratings which the manufacturers' attain by their surveys reflect only the best attributes of the dealership, also ensuring that the dealer is fully aware of any areas of concern that may affect the customers' perception of the business.

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Customers are far more willing to discuss their experience with a third party when they are more at ease in conveying their true feelings.

The honesty of the feedback allows the dealers to rectify the concerns of the customer thus retaining their loyalty, and at a more radical level it allows them to address issues within the dealership, which will prevent any similar problems arising in the future.


The dealer network negotiates its supply of vehicles, and all associated branded products from the manufacturer, and one of the most significant influences on the rebates, discounts and bonuses they receive is based on the customer satisfaction index (CSI).

The results of your manufacturers’ survey can be radically enhanced by pre-empting, continually monitoring and correcting any of your customer issues in advance.