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CSS can measure customer satisfaction and analyse critical feedback of data. By using customer satisfaction surveys to provide full knowledge of your dealings with your customers there is a significant competitive advantage to be gained. Establishing a customer satisfaction index (CSI) allows you to benchmark and monitor your company's performance. Repeat business, personal recommendation and loyalty, leading to increased market share, are all factors contributing to increased profitability and financial health.

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Find out what your customers think of your company.

Looking after your customers is probably the most important aspect of any business. You may have better technology, more highly trained staff and management, and the best looking premises in the world, but without a loyal satisfied customer base, your business is worthless.

With our Research Methodologies we are able to investigate and discover what your customers’ perception of your organisation is, and thus allow you to adjust and improve your service and practices accordingly.

Commercially, organisations use our information to establish continual improvement of their services and products, leading to greater profitability.

Many commercial organisations who do work for public bodies come to us to maintain formal accreditations, such as ISO9001:2000, which requires documented customer feedback and is regularly audited to ensure compliance.

Where grants from public resources are available, it is nearly always necessary to provide evidence, first of necessity to obtain funding, and then of results to justify the allocation of further resources.


Employees are often reticent to interfere in company management, but willing to give their opinions anonymously.

Happy employees lead to satisfied customers resulting in increased loyalty and profits.


It is sometimes extremely difficult to assess the behaviour of your employees towards customers.

There is a perception of something slightly sinister about a mystery shopper, at CSS we always emphasise that there is a positive educational benefit to be gained from assessing employees’ normal behaviour with your customers.

CSS carry out all forms of mystery shop:

  • By Phone
  • Personal Visit
  • Visual Recordings
  • Internet Based